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Smart Nightstand

Smart Nightstand

Bedside table with wireless charger, USB C, USB QC 3.0, smart sensor led light, 2 power plugs, shelf and drawer.

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Sensor and conections
Width: 16 Inches
Height: 26 1/4 Inches
Depth: 12 Inches
Body: white oak plywood
Legs: metal
Wireless: QI 20w
Port: USB 3.0 / USB C (max 20w)
Led light: Sensor hand-scan
Color light: white (6-10 w/meters)
Power plugs: 125v 15A
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At our bedside table, we combine technology and good design. Our LCK model borned under the concept of a minimalist, modern and functional product.

The bedside table is a multifunctional furniture piece and a must-have for every bedroom. It not only serves as a place to charge your phone, tablet, airpods or other devices while you sleep but also provides storage space for your books and other items.

When it comes to the charging station, there are three basic options: two power plugs, wireless charger and USB. The former is more common and affordable. With this bedside table's wireless charger, you can charge your devices without having to deal with cables or cords. Plus it has USB C and USB QC 3.0 port so you can charge your latest smartphones at their fastest speed possible.

It also has a smart dimmable LED light sensor that turns on and off when you bring your hand within 5 centimeters - no more stumbling in the dark!

Recommended distance (for the light sensor) between the bedside table and the bed: 7cm

  • Wireless fast charger, for all your QI devices.

  • Smart sensor led light. Adjustable intensity.

  • USB FAST / USB C ultra-fast charging speed.

  • Removable drawer, with smooth slides and shelf to store your laptop or book.

  • Iron legs, color matte black.
    The botton can be adjustable to maintain perfect stability.

  • Two power plugs. Tamper resistant help prevent foreign objects from being insert.




  • Natalie Donelle

    I love it. I've been using it for a couple of months and can't imagine living without it. It's the best nightstand, hands down!

  • Abbey Bessie

    I am so glad I found this table. It is perfect for my bedside. It has a sleek design that sits right next to my bed and charges my phone super fast :)

  • Alexandre Luque

    Finally I found a bedside table that I really like. The materials are of high quality and the LED light is dimmable which is great. I am very happy with my purchase.

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